fondation pour la defense de l'environnement

Foundations taking an interest in the environment in France

Among all the organizations known as "foundations", many do not make grants; on the contrary, they are seeking to obtain grants for themselves, to carry out their own actions in the field. And among those that make grants, very few are interested in the environment...

That is why we do not have many names of foundations to give. To the best of our knowledge, the following foundations are active and distribute grants to French associations:

The Fondation Nicolas Hulot which distributes grants and "seed money" for projects that contribute to increasing awareness of the environment, in the fields of water, biodiversity, eco-citizenship and sustainable development.

The European branch of thePatagonia Foundation.

The Fondation de France under its own programmes, and also under those of the various foundations "under its aegis", particularly the Foundation Un monde par tous, the Fondation Nature et Découvertes., the Fondation Lemarchand, the Fondation Terra Symbiosis, and the Fondation Lea Nature

There are also 90 French entreprises which are supporting environmental associations: