fondation pour la defense de l'environnement

How to obtain a grant?

Life is hard for associations defending the environment, which have seen public grants shrink almost everywhere, or linked to absence of criticism of the authorities on the associations’ part.

That is why their basic rule should always be that of self-financing. Health and freedom for an association mean having a base of subscribing members that is broad enough to enable them to benefit - together with ancillary income from sales of books, training, tee-shirts or other objects and services - from a substantial level of self-finance.

Public or private grants should thus only make up a minority share of financing.

Procedures used to examine applications

We now examine the projects as and when we receive them, so there is no deadline for submission.

The procedure is as follows:

All applications are to be forwarded to the Foundation by email : infos(at)

You may also get in touch with us at the following adress :

Paris’s office :

11, Cité Annibal 75014 Paris - France

Tel : + 33 1 43 27 93 90

Fax : + 33 9 64 17 85 54

Other foundations defending the environment

There are other foundations that take an interest in the defence of the environment, in various countries. Broadly speaking, these foundations tend to be mainly interested in projects located in the country where the foundations themselves are based, so it is necessary to start by selecting a country to find a list of foundations.

However, it should be noted that certain British and US foundations, together with foundations in some other English-speaking countries, can take action outside their own country.