fondation pour la defense de l'environnement

Defence of the environment is vital !!

It is the vocation of the Humane Earth Foundation (FTH) to support the work of associations defending the environment, by different means : grants, networking, etc.

We are in fact convinced that the role of these associations is essential: very often, they are the only ones that ring the alarm bells, advocate the necessary changes, put forward constructive alternatives, and bear our hopes for a better world.

For it is hope that we all need, and it is not the small obedient gray men, or the ideologues of all kinds, who will carry our hopes, but the disobedients, those who spontaneously act with heart, who are outraged by the "usual ways" of doing things, and who are related to all the living creatures.

This site is dedicated to them, the HOLDERS OF HOPE, so they know they are not alone in their struggles.

The Humane Earth Foundation was set up in 2001 by a small number of private individuals who were worried about the state of the environment.

It is a foundation directed to the public benefit, and its head office is located in Fribourg, in Switzerland. It is financed solely by donations from physical persons, and it does not seek to obtain any public funding or any grants from companies.